Big Boxes Helping Communities

27 01 2009

Due to the economic downturn many stores are having to close their stores. This is leaving empty big box stores in communities that are abandoned and just take up space. In the project WIKI-REUSE, the author Julia Christensen shows  her journey across the nation capturing stores which become big boxes when not in use. She explains how these big boxes are becoming valuable to the community allowing citizens to purchase these boxes from their township. In New Jersey a big box was transformed into a community gym. In Florida a big box brought about a church able to expand its capacity and allow for new resources to be made available to parishioners. The project shows how they once abandoned big boxes and helping transform communities. This story I can relate to since a Super Food Town has shutdown and left a big box in the middle of our community for years. Big corporations would try and big and receive permits but all were unsuccessful. Finally the big box is being transformed into a community park. Where not only it have indoor pools and a skate park but also a place for the entire community can come together. This proved the community should be heard when citizens are interested in purchasing these big boxes. I find it amazing to see the final transformation of these big boxes and their impact on the community. 




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