Chapter 1 H/W

9 02 2009

1. I don’t believe the idea of making a film of this book an absurd one because it could be made into how-to-use digital arts film.  It might actually be easier if it were a film on a computer that allowed you to follow the video. Once one chapter is done it can allow you to use the program to understand first hand what it is explaining.

2. a) The sound of a shot b) A shot will be heard when someone is killed in the middle of someone speaking or singing. c) A shot drawing attention from the actors will be heard but not seen. d) An animated shot would occur with smoke surrounding the character. e) A bullet coming out of a gun with smoken following the bullet. f) The smokey trail of a bullet. g) A frame of a cartoon character firing a gun and then a bubble with “Bang” in it. h) Sound of a gun being fired during the beginning or during the song. i) Similar to the sound of a cannon during some songs.

3. In a kiosk you see at locations you are limited to what you can do there.
4.  I am currently working on to redue the Student Government website I created ( I first realized the audience it was for was not using it continuously because it does not have the information they are looking for and is not organzined. First I will add a google seach button and weather currently in tampa to make these everyday things something users will see right away. I am also making it look mor professional since I want UT to stand by it. This means getting rid of student photoshop headers and cleaning the site up in general. I will  create better names for the tabs because they are confusing right now. I am looking to add a blog to the site to allo student and the public to comment on the site and talk about issues affecting them today.  The colors will also to be changed to make it more  brighter and less looking like fall.

5. The user interface for the blackberry storm. Things I would change would be to change the names of the labels. Also to be able to customize the buttons with different images. I’d also change it so when the phone is held up to your held you cannot accidently press a button like mute. I’d also make the weather icon display the actual temp for the location you’re in.

7. It wold not be possible to give complete control to the user because the user does not know the background of how to change codes and get things they want to work. Users have ideas on what they want but have no knowledge on how to get the things. It would take way to long for users to get it exactly the way they want if they had complete control.

9. Using PICS would allow you to block out information that was tagged with meat, but if there the image was not tagged as meat it would show up. Someone would have to of had tagged the image mat for it not to come up. Most images go untagged so there is no way to stop all pics of meat coming through.




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